Films To Change The World
Strawberry Fields has been submitted to
the Boston and Los Angeles Film Festivals.

Release Date:
Thursday, April 9, 2009

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Our mission is to create documentary films to enlighten and change the world.
Our first film, Strawberry Fields: Keeping the Spirit of John Lennon Alive features:

In his first indepth interiew in over thirty years
Phil Spector tells stories about "his brother" John Lennon,
their love for each other and the wonderful music they produced.
Almost one million fans from every corner of Earth
visit Strawberry Fields and the Imagine mosaic every year.
Our film documents their outpouring of love for John Lennon
with dozens of fan interviews filmed over the last seven years.

A photographic narration documenting the many milestones
in the life of John Lennon from birth through assassination.

Let us honor our greatest singer-songwriter
and the most influential political artist of the 20th century
with an International holiday every October 9th


Ode To John Lennon
by Patrick Lloyd Hulme

I Am A Beatle
by Amos Wengler

1980 Song For John
by Sebastian Mauroff

Beatlesque Songs
by Tony "Bones" Fiorentino

Let's Be Like John And Yoko
by Lori-ann Latremouille
Re-mix by David Kershaw

From Lennon's Closet
by Wally "Gator" Sirotich

Strawberry Fields Revisited
by Sean Yox

John Lennon Day
by Amos Wengler

Crying For John Lennon
by Hargo
Produced by Phil Spector and Graham Ward

Strawberry Fields is dedicated to:
Marilyn Klionsky
Douglas Rolinski
Ron “God” Moore
John Phillip McGraw

Produced by
Films To Change The World

Strawberry Fields Trailer (shorter version)
Strawberry Fields Trailer (shorter version)
Voices For John Lennon Day
Voices For John Lennon Day
Phil Spector -- On The Assassination Of John Lennon
Phil Spector -- On The Assassination Of John Lennon

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